DIY H1 1 Bar Steel System
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 The Vantech H1 Steel Custom Rack             

This system can hold 250-450lbs depending on where crossbars are positioned. The Cross bars is 2" x 1" rectangular 14 gauge heavy duty. Mounting upright are 11 gauge at the base and are galvanized before powder coating. The Mounting uprights are 8" extra wide base at 28.5" Maximum total height. The Base is welded complete onto upright post for complete seal. There are four 3/4" eyehook per mounting upright. Secured with drip rail clamps. The drip rail clamps are 11 gauge galvanized steel & powder coated 2" x 8" dipped in rubber top and bottom. Rubber cap on the upright post prevents wind noise and water leaking into post.


- Clamps onto factory drip rails

- Customizable upright height clearance (drilling required)

- Addition of cross bars can increase load capacity

- 28.5” total post height mounting base

- 4 x .75” eyehooks per mounting base for easy tie down

- Colors available: black or white 

- 2 bar roof top clearance 3” - 10” max load capacity 450lbs

- 2 bar roof top clearance 11” - 14” max load capacity 400lbs

- 2 bar roof top clearance 15” - 18” max load capacity 350lbs

- 2 bar roof top clearance 19” - 22” max load capacity 300lbs

- 2 bar roof top clearance 23” - 23.5” max load capacity 250lbs

- Material: Steel



Assembly information

A-Total Height of Upright Mounts (28.5").
     Upright Mounts can be shortened to desired
     height (See "D")

B-Minimum roof top clearance.
     Minimum height to clear roof top
     (Also marked on instruction's Template) 

C-Optional Conduit Carrier.
     Add an additional 7" to roof top clearance "B".

D-Minimum height of Upright Mount.
     Cannot be lower than 5" from bottom 
     of cross bar to allow for Sleeves & Endcap. 

     (Clearance "A" must be 5" more
     than Clearance "B")

E-Optional Ladder Stopper/Guide.

     Add an additional 2" to roof top clearance "B". 




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DIY H1 1 Bar Steel System

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