J2000 Ladder roof van rack 72" tracks/60" bars (Silver)
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The J2000 with tracks is an aerodynamically designed rack system that can fit any vehicle with or without drip rails. The unique shape of the crossbars minimizes wind noise. The A285 crossbars are reinforced aluminum with channels and can support 400 lbs. The mounting bases are 4" wide and 11-gauge high strength steel. This system includes 4 X 4" Side Support: Prevent material from sliding off the vehicle, 2 X Ladder Stopper: Prevent ladders from sliding forward (can be adjustable from 4"-6" in height), 2 X EZ Velcro Strap: Secures ladders in place within seconds. Aluminum Tracks allow easy adjustment or removal of rack system. Because the tracks can distribute weight more evening along the vehicle, the weight capacity increases as well.
  • Item #: J2108S
  • Manufacturer: Vantech USA

J2000 Ladder roof van rack 72" tracks/60" bars (Silver)

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