H1 Steel Universal Van Roof Rack 2 Bar Low Profile 42"-45"
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The Vantech H1 steel system can hold up 600lb (evenly distributed). The Cross bars is 2" x 1" rectangular 14 gauge heavy duty. The Cross bar is protected by non-slip plastic bar guard on top. Mounting upright are 11 gauge at the base and are galvanized before powder coating. The Mounting uprights are 8" extra wide base at 10.5" total height. The Base is welded complete onto upright post for complete seal. There are 4 X 3/4" eyehooks per mounting upright. Drilling is required to install system onto vehicle. Rubber cap on the upright post prevents wind noise. The system Includes 5" ladder stopper to prevent ladder from sliding forward, Ladder stoppers are galvanized and rubber dipped. The system also includes 5.5" ladder guide for easy bungee and tie-down. Ladder guide are galvanized and rubber dipped. Easy turn knob allows quick adjustments and removal of ladder stopper and ladder guide. Velcro straps secure ladders within seconds up to 75 lbs. System powder coated for additional protection against rust.
  • Item #: H2095B
  • Manufacturer: Vantech USA

H1 Steel Universal Van Roof Rack 2 Bar Low Profile 42"-45"

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